Leaving Footprints

My two year old can now identify the footprints of several mammals. Our latest activity has been examining footprints and attempting to identify the owner. She squats down, studies the print, and points her tiny finger at the impression. She cocks her head toward me and in a quiet, inquisitive manner asks, ” who made these, mamma?”

Footprints are left behind. Footprints are proof of existence. Footprints are left for others to examine and study, without their even knowing about it.

People can be like footprints. If we are really lucky, some leave lasting footprints.

I once had a literacy coach (now a dear friend, whom I still learn from) that has left very deep, lasting footprints. Many of my foundational beliefs on writing, student writing, and the importance of being a teacher-writer have been molded by this sensational woman. (It’s mildly uncomfortable knowing that she likely is reading this very post.) She taught in such a quiet and humble manner, I wouldn’t even know it was happening until those very same teaching points were showing up in my classroom, with my students. My students know her by name. They have read her poetry and reap her leadership, education, and inspiration daily! They have never even met her, for heaven’s sake!

Have you been privileged to know such a person, that has left such a powerful footprint in your life?

I can only hope that I leave those lasting footprints for someone in my life, the way this woman did for me. Thank you.


13 thoughts on “Leaving Footprints

  1. Welcome! It’s my first time too. I threw together a blog yesterday just to join. It seems like this is an incredible community to be a part of. I’m starting to think this experience will be like footprints for me, and hopefully you too. Your tribute to your friend is beautiful! I hope she does read it.

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    1. Thank you, “Read, Write, Travel, Repeat!” I already know we must have a lot in common. We have the same interests! Welcome! I am excited to walk this journey with fellow new slicers like you. Let’s do this!


  2. Welcome! I am old enough to have several people who have left deep footprints. I hadn’t thought about it like that. I am sure you are leaving some footprints with some of your students. You may never know, but they will still be there.


  3. I’m new at this, too. And I think I was probably drawn to your name as far as whose blog to read. My name is Joyous 😀 I really liked your thoughts…I have a few people who have left those footprints and I try to be one of those people for others every day. I look forward to reading more!


  4. Oh my heavens, you must know how proud I am of you for taking such a brave step and creating this blog and hitting publish, Joy! This is only the beginning! And, I also must say it’s the second time I’ve cried today!


  5. It’s lovely! Your footprints are sure to be found in your daughter’s heart, your student’s writing and your friend/mentor’s legacy. Wonderful first time post!


  6. Welcome to such an amazing community! Even after day one, there is quite a sense of accomplishment … imagine how you will feel after 30 more days of writing! I loved hearing your baby girls voice: “who made these mamma?” — and the connection to people being footprints in our lives. That is a great question to ponder and for me it’s many colleagues and educators I have never even met in real life. Happy writing!


  7. It’s my first time, too! I’ve had a lot of powerful footprints in my life and your post has reminded me to be grateful for them all. Good luck to you this month!


  8. This is a beautiful post to me for many reasons – the wonder of a child, the appreciation of life, the love of others who walk with us. I’m a literacy coach so that element is most encouraging as well. Welcome! Amazing things lie ahead of you and within you! So glad you persevered with the blog.


  9. I’m so glad you’ve joined in the slicing this March! “Footprints” … I gave that as a title to one of my albums for old snapshots of people who left me footprints to follow.


  10. Wow! Thinking about the people who have left their footprints on me as I was reading this great slice! I love the way you weave the moment with your daughter into the theme of someone who inspires you! He or she should be really proud! Thank you for sharing this and Happy Slicing!


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