I HATE asking for help.

I hate asking for help.

I just perused my calendar for the next few months and noticed a conflict. I am scheduled to perform church responsibilities the same weekend I am supposed to be celebrating my father’s 75th birthday. How did I first now notice this oversight. Suddenly, my heart begins to race. My palms begin to moisten. I have to ask for help.





These are all thoughts, or fears, rather, that spin in my heart and mind as I now have to face this dreaded task of asking for help.

All I really have to do is ask someone to switch weekends with me! That shouldn’t be too hard, but it is.

I HATE asking for help.




4 thoughts on “I HATE asking for help.

  1. Because you’re supposed to be able to do everything, and remember everything, and accomplish everything! I hope you have reached out and gotten this taken care of. Then you won’t have to have those negative feelings. Thanks for sharing a thought we have probably all had at one time or another.


  2. I can totally relate – I hate asking for help too and my body reacts in the same way as you. Why do we do this to ourselves?!? I think I’m a failure if I can’t do everything I’m supposed to or want to. After I freak out, I find myself thinking “why won’t I just ask for a little help so I can feel better?” We are our own worst enemies! Hope it all works out!


  3. Oh my gosh, I wish I had this figured out, too. I think when conflicts occur and I have to ask someone for help, my mind likes to taunt me that I can’t get my life organized and others are going to think this about me if I ask for help. But, seriously. We would never think this of someone else. Why do we choose to torture ourselves?

    I read a book once about a woman who helped others her whole life and refused to ever ask anyone for help, a stubborn gal she was. She lived to a very old age and during her last year on earth, she developed a disease where she HAD to let others take care of her and accept it. She learned that it is a gift to those we let help us, as it serves their purpose in life as well. It was her last lesson to learn on earth.

    I’m loving that I get to read this little piece of you each day, Joy. 🙂


  4. Yikes! I’ve felt this same way before. I have a hard time asking for help as well, so it’s lovely when someone just steps up so I don’t have to ask. I look at this stressful situation as happening for a reason … maybe even more for the helper’s benefit than yours. I hope the writing brings you some relief and thank you for your slice of tough truth. Wishing you a positive resolution!

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