Pure Joy

“Mama, come on! Let’s dance!” My 2 year old takes my hand and pulls me out of my seat, inviting me on the dance floor.

We make our way out to the circle of the others sharing in her joy, letting the musical vibes bleed through their bodies.

Mind you, we are at a local hoedown held at the Lion’s Club with local musicians gracing us with their impressive, unexpected talent. Most of the people on the dance floor are in their 60s and 70s, however, there are a few other youngsters out there. I can’t help but break out into smile, even laughter at times.

Dance and song undoubtably brings about the purest of joy, especially with kids. It instantly puts us in incredibly high spirits.

I am so glad we decided to spend our night this way. I certainly was able to see my child experience the purest of joys.


2 thoughts on “Pure Joy

  1. Awe, yes! These are the moments to cherish! I love dancing with my kiddos! Their smiles and laughter fill my cup all the time! Thank you for such a vivid picture of your time together, and thank you for sharing!


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