Cat Nap

In the deadness, blandness, and blah-ness of winter, the thought of a nap creeps into my mind and doesn’t escape easily.

With little effort, I convince my husband that a nap is indeed what we both need to ease  into the new time change. After all, my two year old has now drifted off into a sound slumber, why not follow suit?

We crawl into our pillowy nest and nestle in. Putting my mind to rest, I am transported from a state of doing to a state of being. I first hear the heavy breathing of my husband. The soothing, repetitive rhythm of his breath matches the up and down motion of his bare chest.

I decide to let go and add my own rhythmic breath.



8 thoughts on “Cat Nap

  1. “From a state of doing to a state of being” – this is vitally important, something we all need to carve out time for more often than we do. This is a wise antidote to the time change, too. These days, when winter is hanging on with a mind-numbing grayness, I am often profoundly sleepy.


  2. Exactly how I felt yesterday, except my two-year-old slept in a little too late and we didn’t put him down for a nap….at one point last night I wasn’t exactly sure who was in charge in our house, us or them! HA!


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