March Madness

“Hey, dear. I am going to be participating in a 31-day writing challenge during the month of March,” I mention casually to my husband over coffee a few weekends ago. “Oh, this will be perfect.” My husband replies. “You can write and I can watch basketball.”

This will be perfect. I can write, while he indulges in endless games of college basketball. I will have ample time to myself for indulging in self-reflection, crafting fun, entertaining writing pieces.

He might be experiencing March Madness as a spectator, but I am actually living a March Madness.

It is maddening to have so much to say, but nothing to write. It is down-right torturous to come up with good-quality writing, when nothing is coming to me. How do I craft a piece of writing when I can’t even piece together the thoughts in my mind.

Coming up with good-quality writing is my March Madness.


4 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. I love your play on words! Many of us are experiencing the same! Sometimes I feel so excited about something I write and then others I dread hitting the publish button because I just didn’t have it in me. I guess that’s all part of it!


  2. All good writing begins with terrible first efforts — or words to that effect — from all the great writing teachers. The tough part of blogging is that we expect to write and publish. So, the Daily Challenge is more like practice in creative free writing for me, unless I’m going to do some drafting, let it sit and come back to it. I’m taking the challenge more as, just get something down each day that has some truth in it. Lots of writing has to happen before a great piece arises…that’s what the writers say. And, when it is not March, do I write every day? No…


  3. This is awesome! There is definitely a madness to this challenge and there are slump days. I have been experiencing it this week as well, feeling like I am constantly searching for these moments. I hope your march madness becomes too much to write about soon!


  4. Love. And, this is a lesson to share with your kids. Quite often, we can start out just write about how we have nothing to write about and then we’ve ended up writing about something! We trick ourselves! 🙂


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