Hoping to Meet Again Soon

My pleasant, afternoon bike ride comes to a sudden halt as I spot 3 deer sipping water from the stream. I quietly turn my bike around and pedal slowly back towards the bridge. I make sure that no sudden movements alarm the hoofed mammals. As seconds pass, they continue to lap water with their tongues. Becoming motionless, they sense an unknown presence perched from a secret lookout, and their heads raise. Our eyes meet and remain locked. I stand like a tree with hopes of not disrupting their daily routine.

Eventually they continue to drink. Perhaps as the long winter drags on, their main focus is now just to stay alive. Food. Water. A safe place to sleep.

A woman on a bicycle doesn’t seem scary at all. I hope we are able to meet again soon.


3 thoughts on “Hoping to Meet Again Soon

  1. I’ve loved deer all my life – got it from my grandmother. She’d take me riding down country dirt roads to see them; deer would spring up from ditch banks where they were eating some poor farmer’s peas. I know they’re pests to some people but I find them astoundingly beautiful. Your scene is so vivid; I felt I was there and I so enjoyed it. Here’s to your meeting again soon!


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