Surrender to the Grapefruit

Sitting down to breakfast is one of my favorite events of the morning. I get to be in the same space as my husband and daughter for a few minutes in the midst of the chaotic morning business.

This morning started out like most, a grapefruit gracing my presence, along with my loves ones. I commence my experience with my grapefruit. Picking up my grapefruit spoon (what a cool invention!), I admire the perfectly round, uniquely shaped sections of the pink, fleshy fruit, glistening with juicy flavor.

As my spoon meets that perfectly pink section, I am suddenly under attack! Getting shot in the eye, my spoon falls to the floor. My hands are instantly brought to my face to aid my battle wound. Admiration of my enemy quickly turns to vengeance. “You may have won this battle, but you will surely not win the war. This is not yet over.”


6 thoughts on “Surrender to the Grapefruit

  1. Hahaha! That can happen so fast and is such a surprise. Grapefruit sounds lovely… I believe I need to get a couple next time I’m at the market.


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