Would a smile kill you?

Walking into the Holiday gas station is not a notable event. This is not usually something that deems worthy of words or even any further thought for that matter.

Today it does.

Would a smile kill you?!

From the moment my husband and I enter the store, to the moment we make our transaction at the counter, we were barely acknowledged.

Would a smile kill you?!

An exchange that is usually pleasant was instantly turned sour. The sole words that came out of this woman’s mouth were, “here,” spoken rather gruffly I might add. The woman’s appearance reminded me of the cigarettes she likely smoked daily. Her name might have been, “Blehck.”

As we departed from the environment that is now tainted, we stepped outside, just out of reach of “Blehck.” My husband looked and me and snarkily remarked,

“Would a smile have killed her?!”


2 thoughts on “Would a smile kill you?

  1. Smiling has enormous health benefits as well as social benefits. Too bad this lady hasn’t discovered that life can be better just because you choose to smile. And they say you can hear a smile… I remember a class I took from AT&T once about phone skills. We were told to smile as we talk, the person will hear the smile and open up to us.

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  2. My husband and I often say to each other,”Whatever happened to good public relation skills? To Hello, how may I help you?” It’s sad to be so amazed when greeted warmly at a check-out line, etc. He will give the non-attentive person a big “HI, HOW ARE YOU?” Sometimes the person warms up – sometimes not.

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