Puddle jumping joy

Today yielded the perfect equation for puddle jumping joy. There was a high of 47 degrees Fahrenheit, sunshine, and a lot of snow beginning to melt.

As the day progressed, the puddles became increasingly impressive.

My daughter wakes from her afternoon nap and her first thought is, “Let’s go puddle jumping!”

“Sure, why not. The floors will need to be done anyway.” (It’s been about a month…yikes!)

Here begins our adventure. We get on our gear and head outside to where the fun awaits. She is timid at first. There are no jumps, but taps rather. She is exploring this adventure, testing it out, unsure of how this will go. As she becomes more familiar with the pools of water, once snow, her timidness turns to boldness. Suddenly I hear tremendous splashing.  I look over and see that she has drops of mud on her face, her outdoor gear is now soaked, and she is wearing the biggest grin I have ever seen across her sweet face.

This will be the image etched in my mind as I get down on my hands and knees and tackle the long, over-due task of washing the floors.


5 thoughts on “Puddle jumping joy

  1. So fun! Start slow, get your toes wet, tap a few times, build up your courage and then jump in with all your might and go full blast! Makes me want to go puddle jumping!


  2. There’s such power in this scene and your freedom in allowing it. I once read of a scientist who said he accidentally spilled a gallon of milk in the kitchen when he was a child. Instead of scolding him, his mother allowed him to play in the puddle of milk. It’s valuable lesson in not sweating the small stuff and making the best of life’s messes – and experimenting.


  3. This is such a sweet picture of your daughter enjoying puddles. When my son was still toddler age, we loved to go out in the rain and stomp in every puddle we could find. Our neighbors have a crack at the end of their driveway that made a small and endlessly fascinating pool. When he was only 1, that puddle came up to the top of his tiny boots! Your slice brought back some good memories. Thank you for sharing!


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