First Day of Spring

First Day of Spring

Winter temperatures linger, stubbornly

Not giving way to springtime joy.

Massive snow mountains remain in the yard

Reminding us that while spring is near, winter is not yet ready to go into it’s hibernation lair.

The ground is still frozen.

The sky is gray. My mind is gray. My heart is gray.

On the lakes, 20 inches of ice remain.

The space between winter and spring is torture to the human spirit.

So close are we to those longer nights outdoors, playing softball in the yard, outdoor fires, and fire flies, but not close enough.

Spring, stop your teasing. My sense of humor is fading.



2 thoughts on “First Day of Spring

  1. “winter is not yet ready to go into it’s hibernation lair” – amazing line that is speaking the truth for sure. Nor’easter #4 is on its way to create problems tomorrow for me! We definitely need some sun and warmth to help the gray minds and hearts!


  2. I have never been more ready for Spring to show up, only to have the same windy, low temp days as most of February and March have given…..I love the structure of this, and the contrast of the snow covered mountains and gray skies to what should be the green grass and warm winds!


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