So much is communicated by a single nonverbal gesture. A sigh can communicate relief. A sigh can communicate frustration. A sigh can communicate exhaustion. A sigh can even communicate contentment.

Research has even been done on this simple act that shows how essential “sighs” are to life. They are described as, “an opportunity to restart life,” or “vital to maintain our life cycle in the lungs.” https://exploringyourmind.com/what-our-sighs-communicate/

Today my husband found me sighing on several occasions. He would ask, “what’s wrong?” or “Are you okay?” I didn’t even know that I had let out a noticeable, audible breath. Upon reflection, I suppose I could admit I was tired, or a bit overwhelmed, but also very content.

I found it fascinating that he could interpret my emotions so easily with a single “sigh.” I hadn’t even come to terms with my emotions and here he is, bringing them to my attention, and even analyzing them.

A sigh is a powerful gesture. I will never again underestimate it’s ability.


6 thoughts on “(Sigh)

  1. i had never considered all of the meanings a sigh can have. It is something we all do at times and many times are probably not aware that we are doing it. (sigh)


  2. Your post resonates with me. I’ve been thinking about how silence speaks without words. Now, I must also think about how sighs speak without words. [sigh]


  3. I really love the descriptor “an opportunity to restart life.” I never thought of a sigh that way. Many of us don’t know we’re sighing when we do … it’s so inadvertent. Maybe something inside it whispering “restart.”


  4. Your post is SO relevant to me today! I got in the car after a busy day at school, my chiropractor appointment, crafting a taco Tuesday meal, packing it up to take to family and went, “SIGH!” I didn’t even know I did it, either. My husband, whose mother has been in and out of the hospital lately, said, ‘What’s wrong?” I didn’t even know how to begin…I”m tired? I’m feeling sad for you? I want to stay home and rest? YOU are so right! A sigh says SO many things!!!


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