April Fools

During our first year of marriage, April 1st rolled around and I didn’t have an inkling that I should be wary of my new husband’s antics. After all, I knew I had married a man with a great sense of humor. But a practical joker?…couldn’t be!

But then there I was, standing in front of the kitchen sink, the sprayer strapped down with a tight rubber band, and a frigid shower of water spraying directly into my face. Great.

This year, as April Fools Day approaches, I have little worry that I will be the target of any hijinks. He doesn’t make his tricks an annual event. However, I do ‘worry’ a bit what he might be cooking up for our 2-year-old. “April Fools!”

A true double entendre?

I also look out the window. The first day of Spring has come and gone, and this morning we awoke to 2 inches of fresh white snow. More is in the forecast for this weekend. A white Easter on the 1st of April is not exactly what I ordered.

Instead, thoughts should be focused on green grass, new growth, and our risen Savior. New growth, new beginnings, and new life. But the fast approaching of April fools me again this year! Just like last year. Spring is nowhere to be seen, and even though the calendar page will be turning this weekend, the weather outside feels more like December. I’ve had enough!



2 thoughts on “April Fools

  1. Oh, I must share. We have a bunch of kids in our family so on Easter afternoon if the weather permits we will have an egg hunt in our backyards that all run together. So my daughter-in-law thought it would be funny to pretend to hide eggs and when the kids all went out to hunt and couldn’t find any, tell them April Fools. I really don’t think she would do that because she loves hiding the eggs and seeing the little ones find them. It is tempting though… 🙂


  2. My husband is also a terrible practical joker! I gave up trying to break him of this long ago. The analogy of spring playing April Fool’s with us is too good – and too true! I hope you’ll have a beautiful Easter celebration and here’s to your husband taking it easy on you on April 1st this year. 🙂


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