In-laws or Out-laws

For many families, the thought of visiting the “in-laws” is daunting. From co-workers, close friends, and even my closest family, I hear complaints about visiting the in-laws. “My mother-in-law hates my cooking.” “My sister-in-law spends way too much money on food. Her kids are unruly.” The complaints are endless.

Here I sit, at my in-laws. I am in perfect relaxation. I am free to just be. No judgement. No “should-do” or “should-be” exists here. My in-laws are very honest people. If there is something they feel that is an issue, I will know about it. It will be addressed and then taken care of. We move on.

This is the way of my husband. He is a very honest man. Black and white. There is no gray with this man. That is why we are so great together. He is my black and white when all I have to offer is gray. He is my decision to my indecisiveness. He is absolutely my ROCK.

As I sit here reflecting on my husband and his family, I am coming to terms with the fact that this honesty and unambiguity (is that a word?) is a blessing in my life. This is what I appreciate most about my in-laws.

They do not sweat the small stuff. We have a very similar moral compass. They have an unconditional love for me (and the rest of their family.) Also, my mother-in-law makes the best pies.


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