Power of Touch

My husband walks by and his hand softly grazes my arm. I peek up to acknowledge the gesture, our eyes meet and he smiles as he turns and walks into the other room.

My 4-month-old daughter starts to whimper as she squirms in her Bumbo seat. (She sticks that bottom lip out and it begins to quiver…oh how it melts me so…) I pick her up, rub her back and instantly my discontented baby is again without a care in the world.

Human touch is unlike anything else. Touch can spark emotion in a way that nothing else can. When a baby is born, all you hear about is the importance of skin-to-skin contact. And rightfully so. There have been multiple studies done on babies to determine the impact of nurturing and touch. Its vital to existence. Babies who didn’t have a nurturing environment in which they were touched, interacted with, and held, simply died.

Physical touch is not my love language, but it is my husband’s. I have had to train myself to become accepting of more touch and recognize when I need to offer it. This has helped our relationship flourish. Now that I am a veteran “toucher” I have grown to realize the power of touch.



3 thoughts on “Power of Touch

  1. I’m right there with you, lovely. I recently read that physical touch releases oxytocin in the brain, with is that feel good, connecting cuddle up feeling. It’s necessary for bonding, connection and trust. I’ve paid attention to my own mental states and have recognized that sludgy states are sometimes due to lack of physical contact! All those years of my young children at home fed me with plenty of that. Gosh, I hope to see that little darling of yours soon and I hope you are feeling better. 🙂

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