“You should write about that!”

This past week as my fourth-grade students were sharing the tidbits of their lives with me, I found myself responding again and again with, “You should write about that!”

Being a part of this writing challenge has fine-tuned my awareness of what’s going on around me and I can more clearly see moments in the day that may serve as topic/story/slicing opportunities.

This new-found awareness has transferred to my interactions with my students. Upon reflecting this afternoon, it became apparent that my number one goal in this whole slicing challenge is that my students gain a keener awareness of what goes on around them. If they walk away with this, I will be pleased.



2 thoughts on ““You should write about that!”

  1. Cheers to this! I totally agree. I’ve definitely become more aware (as a first-time Slicer), and if my egocentric eight and nine-year olds can be more aware of things around them, wow, I would be impressed.


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