A “Virtual Rekindling”, one might say

Opening my laptop, a giddiness bubbled up and trickled all the way down to my fingertips as they tapped the keyboard. Here it begins. Here we are again, in this sacred space, among what I believe to be some of the best people out there.

After a chain of text messages throughout the afternoon between an old friend and I, an awakening surfaced. This writing challenge will rekindle the sweet, sweet friendship between my former Literacy Coach and myself. We have stayed in contact over the years, sending Christmas cards and sporadic notes, however this Writing Challenge is our bread and butter. This is where I can “visit” with her again. This is where I can gather a glimpse of her day-to-day moments. This is where we “meet” again. This awakening is what gave me a sense of giddiness as I sat down this afternoon to write.

S.O.L. Writing Challenge, let the rekindling begin…

8 thoughts on “A “Virtual Rekindling”, one might say

  1. Thanks for introducing HIS to this writing challenge Joy (and for taking the time to answer my silly questions)! I love how you wrote about keeping in touch with people sporatically. Life gets so crazy sometimes, but it is such a sweet gift to have those people in our lives that we can reconnect with and it seems as if no time has passed at all!

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  2. Before the days of facebook, blogging, tweeting, etc., I followed a column in a newspaper that had little stories and excerpts from readers. I had my own small contributions published. I remember such a feeling of community with a group of people that I only knew through their written words. I’m excited you brought those feelings back to me by introducing us to Slice Of Life. Here’s to rekindling friendships and starting new ones!

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  3. The idea of putting yourself out there-be it on top of the mountain or the moment you click publish-is amazing and surreal. The actual feeling when you’re about to try something new gets more exciting each time. Being a kid, I had the impression adults had everything figured out. As an adult, I watch our students take in every word we say, and I wonder if they realize how cool it is to be a certified adult and try something new for the first time!


  4. I am just swelling with giddiness as I savor your words, my dear sweet friend! My own fingers doing the salsa as we they dance across the keys with you! I simply adore your day one post and I feel like a little girl waiting to open presents at a birthday party with all this excitement inside! Such a gift these precious words are to us!


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