In the Moment

Coming back from my afternoon run, I round the corner and slow my jog to a walk as I make my way up my slightly inclined, gravel driveway, now muddied from today’s sun.

It is here that my feet become grounded as my attention is brought to the light that now shines on my face. It hits me rather suddenly. I decide to make this a real “moment” and soak it in. Standing there in my driveway, my eyes shut, I let the warmth and light from the sun hit every morsel of my exposed skin. My heart is still racing from my run and I notice my beat is soothing and rhythmic. The other sound I hear is the steady dripping water, another reminder that the sun is shining brightly, seeing the remainder of the winter snow out the door. I see only the fuzzy light that bleeds through my closed eye lids. I smell the freshly cut pine trees cut by my husband this past weekend. I also notice a drip of sweat trickle down my spine, the aftermath of my run.

This moment could have easily passed me by, but I needed this to be one in which I could just be, taking in every element that it afforded me, and I am glad I did, for it was the best moment of my day.

2 thoughts on “In the Moment

  1. How wonderful, Joy! Melting snow, warm sun, and the smell of fresh pine. We need to pause in the stillness and warmth of such moments because they penetrate our soul.


  2. It is lovely to stop and just “be” as you did here – to soak up the moment to its fullest, with all of your senses … I love this description: ” the fuzzy light that bleeds through my closed eye lids.” I could see it – so real – I have experienced it so often. Lovely post 🙂


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