Ride On

Maybe AC/DC summed it up best:
But I’m lonely
Lord I’m lonely
What am I gonna do
Ride on
It was clouding over, nearing supper time, and the wind was blowing stiff from the south. My husband and 4-year-old had just gotten the bikes out of winter storage and put air in all the tires. The plan was to be ready for warmer weather this spring – maybe this weekend, and maybe that first 60-degree day!
“Mom, let’s go on a family bike ride!” says my daughter excitedly. I almost didn’t have it in me. I had just gotten back from a run and was ready to get supper on. Then I made the mistake of turning around. I took a good look at her smiling face, helmet already fastened, eyes squinted, and decided that when a 4-year-old wants to ride on, especially during a stay-at-home order during crazy viral times in our lives, you do what you know needs to be done.
You ride on.

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