White Space

White space is the strategic moment of rest and relaxation that will bring you more peace and productivity. It could be a session of meditation, a long walk, or long lunch with a friend bragging loud laughter – to name a few.

White Space,

I’ve been yearning for you.

You are the answer to my prayers.

You have afforded me the opportunity to reflect, draw near, be still, be.

White Space,

You are designed to spark creativity, ingenuity, productivity, balance, joy.

Now that you’re here, feel free to vacate. It’s been lovely, White Space. I need just a bit less of you.

My mind is beyond the state of healthy reflection. It has now taken a nasty turn to analytical, overthinking everything.

Today was a new level. I found myself belting out hymns on my walk with my one-year-old and it was freeing. I was almost startled to hear my own voice, take such control in the way that it did.

Secondly, I laughed hard today. Really hard. For the first time in a long time. At almost nothing. It was a post someone shared and it wasn’t that funny. But I needed to laugh.

Too much White Space can make you go crazy. That’s what I am now. Crazy.

Too much White Space…

2 thoughts on “White Space

  1. How perfectly you capture the times and the “too much” of it all – the invitation for White Space to vacate as it’s become too much – and this: “My mind is beyond the state of healthy reflection. It has now taken a nasty turn to analytical, overthinking everything.” I am seeing an astonishing number of people talking about “overthinking” now. That’s one more burden.Good for you for walking and those songs were in you, they fought their way out, to give you balance. I bet your little one loved it. And I can appreciate a little maniacal laughter at nothing … I am hoping, for undisclosed reasons, that it also means a way of restoring some equilibrium and not a sign of the final cracks before the plunge into madness … just sayin’… so well-done, Joy!


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